Expertisation : Conditions

Conditions under which philatelic items are received for examination by the Expert Committee:

  1. Only Straits Settlements, Singapore and Malayan philatelic items (excluding those pre-stamp items without handstruck stamps) shall be accepted for examination by the Expert Committee.
  2. The opinions of the Committee will be provided under the auspices of the Association of Singapore Philatelists (ASP) at a fee of S$50 (Singapore dollars fifty only) per item (or such other rate as ASP may prescribe from time to time) payable at the time of submission for examination regardless of whether it is for "certified as genuine" or for all other opinions, such as "forgery" or "unable to comment".
  3. An application for certification shall be made on a prescribed Form (Application For Certificate) obtainable from the Expert Committee. A separate Form must be completed for each item submitted.
  4. All items submitted to the Expert Committee are accepted entirely at the senders' own risk.
  5. The Committee shall be at liberty to forward any item received to any expert (whether residing in Singapore or abroad) for his examination.
  6. Neither the Association of Singapore Philatelists nor any member of the Committee or assistant(s) to the Committee shall be in any way liable to the owners:

    1. for the loss of, or any damage to, any item by whomsoever (including any employee or assistant(s) of the Association or any Expert or any photographer to whom the same may be sent) caused, or for the acts or defaults of the postal authorities or agencies of this or any other country, and
    2. for the results of any opinion which the Committee may express as to any item so sent in, or for any loss (financial or otherwise) which may be suffered by any person as a result of any such opinion.
  7. Items will be photocopied and may be subjected to Ultra-Violet and or Infra-Red light during examination.
  8. Items after examination shall be returned by Registered Mail (with standard Post Office compensation coverage). The Committee reserves the right to charge return postage on such item returned.
  9. Insurance in transit or while in the hands of the Committee is not covered by the Association and is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER.